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Scrottum: Best Band Of Ever [entries|friends|calendar]

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fan letter #3 [11 Mar 2005|09:13pm]

Dear Scottum:
I'm Monsourir, one of your song-lovers from Shanghai, People Republic of China. Maybe you haven't expected, there are lots and lots of your fans in Shanghai, in China, more than you can imagine. You're just like somewhat a symbol of western music. In the street anyone if he knows a little about English songs, he can sing "There's a nutsack in the desert with a horse on it's back "or " When You've got a penis you've got a friend.."to you.

To me, I'm a 22 years old college boy, you know I'm not that kind of your fans who like screaming and shouting, Cause in my opinion, you're more of friends than idols. Honestly, I've collected all your albums, and I can sing all of your songs. I've been listening to your songs for nearly 8 years. The first song is "Dino Crisis", the first time I've heard it, I was really stunned by your amazing voices and high notes. As eight years passed by, "Dino Crisis" is not my best Scrottum's song though I still like it very much. Now my favorite song are "Anderson", "Gnihtemos Tuoba Sklat Natas", "Visiting Grandpa", "Things that Eating Thme Is cool", "Morning Time Wake Up", "Spam Milk"......cause you know I've grown up, grown older with you.

For these years, your songs always will be an important part of my inner soul, I like to sing with you aloud, feel like I'm communicating with you by heart though we're so far away. For these years, I've watched your ups and downs, but you've got it through with your faith where I've gained my faith. Scrottum, let the rumors and critics be, you know you just make songs for yourself and the people who truly love your music.

At last, I should say I won't expect you will tour in Shanghai, I know it's impossible. But I think if you sometimes want to find a place to run away from that abnormal entertainment business, spend your vocation, Welcome to Shanghai personally. I can lead you to visit Shanghai and China and let you know how magnificent the chinese culture is. Maybe it will do benefit to your music.(my major is Chinese literature and history, so I've got familiar with it)

OK, even though the letter is too long, words still cannot express my appreciation for you. Really. Always in my soul. Monsourir with true love.
1 people wanna see our nutsack.

fan letter #2 [11 Mar 2005|09:12pm]

Dear Scrottum,
My name is Faye and I am a huge fan of yours! While I’m not the type to write a fan letter I couldn’t resist after hearing your song Red Devil. I can honestly say no song has ever touched me as much as this song! When I first heard it I was so moved, I could so relate to the strong emotions and sentiment of the song and although I do not drink energy drinks it’s the emotion of the song and in your voice that tugged at my heart and made me fall in love with Red Devil for reasons that relate to my own life. It’s undeniable what a truly amazing band you have and I’m sure you have been told that millions of times but what I want to know is what the method behind your songwriting is? How do you come up with a song that may be personal to you for particular reasons but that is able to have millions of other people relate to the lyrics and capture their emotions in such a broad and personal way?
Thanks again for creating music that makes me smile, that makes me cry and for the hot remixes that I perfect my dance moves to in the mirror of my bedroom when no one is looking.

fan letter #1 [11 Mar 2005|08:50pm]

Dear Scrottum,

My name is Sara and I've been a fan ever since I was 8 years old, I am now 16. I just wanted to let you know that your music has brought me through a great deal of struggles I went through, especially Steuban ARC. It felt like you were singing to me and the words were exactly what I am still going through now. I was born with mild retardation and I am now recovering from another major operation as I have had many. I have to learn how to walk again, so when you said "Deaaaah BLEH Buhhh" it was like you wrote that song for me and I could relate so much to it. I hope that you never stop making music and I look forward to your future work as a band. You are truly blessed with a talent beyond measure. You are also damn sexy! Thanks Scrottum, you are the best!

The Community Is Born [08 Jan 2005|02:53pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome! This is the official LiveJournal Community for the best band in the world, Scrottum!

Who's Scrottum, you ask? Well, let me tell you all about us.

Scrottum began in early 2004 as a band consisting of Corey and Max, two best friends with toilet minds. Oh yeah, and Max, he started to learn to play his guitar. So Corey and Max began making songs. Awesome songs about things that really mattered, like farting ("Hydrogen Sulfide") and making fun of retards ("Steuben A.R.C."). Soon enough, all of Corey & Max's friends joined in the fun. And then, half way into the year 2004, an album was done. A whole album of songs. Short songs. And it is called.. MORE SONGS THAN MINUTES. It is a masterpeice of awesomeness complete with a dash of rock. The band was now complete in its structure:

Max - Acoustic Guitar / Vocals / Production
Corey - Vocals / Writing / Production

And yet, so many other people help with the music we create. Such as..

Fred - Writing
Tim - Writing / Production
Jen - Writing / Vocals

And all our other friends!

As of now, Scrottum have two releases: A full length album, 'More Songs Than Minutes' was "released" in July 2004. It was recorded between December 2003 and June 2004. Then, in December 2004, in a time period of 3 weeks, Scrottum recorded an EP: 'Long House.' This was "released" in January 2005. Both of these works are only available on CD-R as of now, and they are completely FREE*. We just want people to listen to our music and laugh. But someday we plan on having real copies of our albums.

Scrottums plans for the future? Record another album, keep on being the best band ever, and drink lots of Red Devil.

*Yeah, that's right, free. There are two ways to obtain a Scrottum CD:

-Send an e-mail to us at scrottum@gmail.com with your name, address, and anythign else you want to tell us. We will send you a copy of either our album or our EP for FREE!

-Send a message to Max on Soulseek (username: maxing) and you can download and burn your own copies of our albums! FREE!

We hope we gain lots of fans in the year 2005. So tell your friends, tell your neighbors, hell tell your grandparents. SCROTTUM IS THE BEST BAND EVER AND LISTENING TO THEM IS FUCKING A.


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